Thursday, December 22, 2005

Food Shortages and the Bird Flu

In a strange way its nice to know that someone out there is at least as paranoid as I am. Obviously there are many, many different things that can be obsessed over about a possible pandemic. One thing that I think is getting the short end of media attention are the anticipated problems with food.

Anyone whose gotten through the third grade (honors or not) know that food doesn’t magically appear on the shelves of the local grocery. If deliveries end because no one wants to go out and drive the trucks or even stock the shelves, think about the chaos. Its definitely time to stock up on canned goods. And don't forget a good manual opener.


Blogger Londonlad & Peakoil awareness said...

Very interesting blog and one that more people need to read.
I think we are entering a very different age or era from the late 20th century that gave us relative stability. World oil production is nearing its all time production peak, just at a time when we have China and India wanting more. How is this just in time delivery, globalized world going to deal with $200 a barrel oil and a future of diminishing supplies, when we have no real alternative fuels that can step in and take up the slack. We have some major issues to confront over the next 15years. How we deal with these things is up to us, but without major consideration and proper government planning, more war is on the horizon. The threat of a pandemic (flu or any other) is a real possibility, and we the public need to be more aware of these issues. Storing some tin food is very important. Most people don’t even know where there food comes from….. What would you do in a time of food storages? I think 3-4 weeks of tinned/dried/long life food (and milk) is a must and a minimum for your family.

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