Thursday, December 01, 2005

Surgeons Must Go To the Movies A Lot

Remember that absolute action classic Face/Off? That Travolta and Cage pure adrenaline rush? I actually saw it in the theater, but I never thought it would come true.

So who is going to be lining up for one of these? Without a doubt they'll be a steady stream of former mob henchmen, husbands running from their wives, and very young American princesses who want to look like Brittany or Christina or whoever.

Seriously, this will probably be a real improvement in the quality of life for people who have endured burns and other accidents.

This is the kind of procedure that practically screams out for regulation. Despite how painful it must be, what is probably a huge price tag, and the anti-rejection drugs, somewhere there will be someone who is going to want to trade-up using the face of a corpse. Human nature can really be that twisted.


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